Thursday, April 06, 2006
My excellent profitable futures trading is over for the day and surprising it was. My entry in the Dow at 11237 was based on the turnaround from the double bottom. Now as a double top formed at 11285 I pulled my stop loss up so tight it squeaked. They took me out at '83. I did expect that top to hold but sadly for my equity, I only took away the 46 ticks and now it's racing up again. Am I complaining...hell NO. They came to within 1 tick of my entry when I moved the stop up to break even. Had I been stopped out there and seen the ride up develop I know myself well enough. I would have been ticked!

That was a great ride and because it retraced the entire day's move down. Of course as I pointed out earlier I totally missed the slide south by being unfocused and on the phone. Now it's time to be pudent and turn off the trading platform and the bar charts. Heading outside to enjoy some spring in the air and spring in my step.

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