Thursday, March 09, 2006
Switched over to June first thing this morning. That felt a little weird seeing as it was snowing right at sea level today on March 9th. That meant I started the day by missing the opening trade I like to look for. Too bad as it was a classic.

I spent that time switching over my charts. My trading platform gave me the notice upon start-up that June was now the front month. I thought I'd better not argue with 'Hal' as I call it. So I took more than 30 minutes to switch everything over From March to June. I don't mind that so much in the fall and winter when moving to the spring as front month. It gives me pause to move to the summer solstice so quickly right now. I get these feelings even though it's only symbolic...like a chart. That's what our charts are! They are symbols.

Study them with the right attitide and they're symbols of potential. Trade them with the wrong attitide and they're symbols of failure. The mind is an amazing thing. Our minds literally create our world for each of us individually. Sometimes when things slow down and I watch the bid/ask window on my trading platform (Hal) I wonder what folks are thinking. I often feel, as I've written before, that we're being picked off by the Morgan Stanley boys sitting behind their platforms running stops. That's one of the reasons I took last night to post the chart on my bullbearbulletin blog. Study it even though I left you with nothing but the chart. In the future I hope to find the time to spell out the details, but for now you'll have to rely on your own abilities.

Yesterday's big range days that go nowhere scare the hell out of me when I consult my 'conspiracry theory' mind set. But trusting in myself, I overcome these feelings. I believe whatever we think, hope, wish and dream is what we create. I believe the markets to be a mirror reflection of that mind set. I feel today and everyday is positive. We've got the whole world at our fingertips.

Going over my chart and equity report tonight of course I'm disappointed at being clipped out of my short with my tight stop @ 11095 entered at 12:05 EST. only to watch and decide not to chase the market as it sold off through the lunch period. I made it up later, but I'm only human and I would have LOVED to just sit in there short and watched the equity I had to work for, just build for me. But nobody said trading is easy!

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