Thursday, October 13, 2005
My God it's been too long. I was studying my commodity charts a couple of nights ago and realized I hadn't visited the ol' blog in many months. Spending almost the entire summer away from home ate up all my spare time. Plus starting an entirely new business venture last December used up what little was left. Becoming an on-line arbitrage trader was a trifle time consuming. At least this venture has been 100% profitable since I began and that's exciting. The learning curve is VERY steep but rewarding. Both in terms of self-improvement and of course income. Filling a need for secure on-line arbitrage transactions is also much more appealing to my growing sense of risk aversion after 19 years staying alive in the commodity trading game. After looking at the softs and grain charts, you can understand why. What a killer summer unless of course you've been short coffee.
I believe after spending far too many hours in this chair or at my laptop out-of-town that we on the verge of a major bull market in precious metals and underlying commodity prices. Another good bit of news is I read somewhere Ellen Barkin has filed for divorce. Note to self...Join Ellen's fan club now that Ron Perelmen is in the background. I wonder what the pre-nup looked like??

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