Thursday, December 04, 2003
Well, this is finally the day. My goal was to begin on Veteran's Remembrance Day which I hope you know is Nov. 11th each year. I returned teary-eyed from the Memorial Service after seeing a gifted Marching Pipe Band and reflecting on my Father and others who sacrificed to secure for us the freedoms we enjoy to build a successful and individual life the way each of us sees fit.

I became confused trying to decide on a blog hosting platform on which to host/post my trading observations. Some day I should create a course on how to pick and use a simple weblog provider. The "Blogger" service I've chosen will help me keep my focus on the message and less on the medium. It may prove too basic for what I eventually want to do, but I had to start!

Simple is the key here. I've spent the past 19 years as a student of markets and succumbed for years to the lure on the various indicators developed by brains much bigger than mine. Now this generation of traders suffers from 'indicator-itis' made available to anyone with a high powered computer and an elegant charting software package.

The objective is to uncover highly profitable trading opportunities which exist almost each and every day. There is a bullish to bearish and back to bullish ebb and flow to the markets that move in a predictable and tradable manner. If we can stay focused and not let our own psychcology beat us at the game, there is an almost unlimited profit potential available in this best of all businesses.

But the markets are designed to suck vast sums of money from the accounts of the uninformed dreamers. How else do the 'locals' and market makers in New York and Chicago and earn 6 figure incomes. So my goal is to help the reader/student/trader learn to use simple powerful tools to get the edge you need to grab other people's money before they take yours!

The commodity futures trading markets will show you every day how to capture huge profits easily if you know how to look at price. My goal is to teach you how to do just that. I admit to having selfish motives as well. I need the discipline of keeping my study log in better shape. There's a good chance if I know there are folks out there in traderspace with a will to win, I'll do a better job of keeping of top of the action.

This is not a trading advisory. It is a log of my own picks from what I see in the charts. I believe there is a real-time fortune to be made trading commodities but I couldn't deal with the responsibility of deciding for others how to speculate. Become your own market wizard.

It's taken me 19 years to get to this place. All I can offer you dear reader is the possibility of a shorter trip. But my unique experience and past performance do not guarantee and may not produce future profitable results. All markets and opportunities have inherent risks and there is always potential for loss. Sort of like life itself.

Over the weekend I'll post some of the trades that caught my eye since mid November. I still have to teach myself how to screen shot my charts and post them somewhere. Until then feel free to use the entry/exit points and study your own charts. In fact that's all I may ever do. There's no point in spoon feeding you. You don't learn much until you do it for yourself.

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